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male, 28 years old

Renáta simply does magic. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones. I came to see her if anything can be done with severe depression, anxiety, mood swings, lack of concentration and memory problems. I even thought I was going crazy and decided to try acupuncture before seeing a psychologist. Turns out I didn't need one. Problem wasn't in a head at all. Something was unbalanced by acupuncture's terminology which Renáta fixed. Three sessions and I was good as new, all symptoms were gone as if they were never there. Months passed, I feel great, IQ is spiking, no worries:) Děkuji Vám paní Šotová!

P.S. from acupuncturist: please note that even such fast and unbelievable responses can be achieved but they are in no way typical, unless you are extremely sensitive as this patient of mine. Also, this was not the case of a clinical depression.

female, 42 years old

I came to see Renáta Šotová having suffered for the past few months with bad insomnia and strong, unpleasant palpitations. Already after the first visit I noticed a change - temporary improvement of my sleep and palpitations. This kept gradually improving with the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas. After a few weeks of the treatment I had significantly improved not only my main problem but also other symptoms - my blood pressure dropped, night sweating disappeared and my concentration as well as digestion got better.

female, 19 years old

For over four months I received all the possible treatments for muscular tension and back pain which I had all day long from the morning till evening. A few physiotherapists (independently of each other) recommended me to try acupuncture. I booked in even though I didn't think it would be much help because nothing else had worked (I'm a physiotherapy student so I tried different exercises, thermotherapy, muscle relaxants, I also changed my lifestyle and movement habits). After the first acupuncture session I felt a bit tired but the following day I found out that I had no pain! I couldn't believe that after one hour it had improved and I was nearly back to normal and the effect really lasted for a few days. After my second visit the pain went completely away.

female, 30 years old

I'd like to thank Renáta Šotová for helping with labour induction. I was expecting my second child and should have undergone a drug induced labour the same as I did with my first pregnancy. A day before the planned induction I made an acupuncture appointment and after about seven hours I started feeling weak contractions. That day I went into a natural labour, some two hours after my arrival into hospital. I believe it's due to acupuncture session I had.

male, 20 years old

I did a lot of sports since my childhood which later resulted in problems with my musculoskeletal system. The most frequent was knee pain but occassionally I also experienced stiff neck and lower back pain. Initially, I was very sceptical towards acupuncture but based on a referral I decided to try it out. I felt really positive after the very first acupuncture session and I could feel an instant relief in my knees. Within four visits the knee pain disappeared as well as neck stiffness and my back pain, even though I was still training at the time.

male, 27 years old

About two months after I was diagnosed with facial nerve paralysis [Bell's palsy] I booked an acupuncture session, based on my doctor's recommendation. At that time, half of my tongue felt scalded and I lost my sense of taste. I also couldn't fully close my eyelids. Half of my forehead was paralysed, my nostril blocked and the affected side of my lip was wry. The benefits of acupuncture started to appear already after the first session and I could see positive changes happening after every visit. After about two months of regular treatment I got significantly better. I can now close my eye, taste the food I eat, my forehead is evened out and my nostril is clear.

female, 23 years old

A few years ago I suffered a concussion of the brain. I suffered a neck pain ever since, sometimes accompanied by vomiting. I went for an x-ray but it showed no damage. My health problems were temporarily lowered by prescription drugs and prescribed physiotherapy didn't help improve my condition. After four acupuncture sessions I'm free of pain even in situations which used to trigger it before.

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